Territorial Intercessors Ministry

Our Objectives

  • To raise men and women for the kingdom of GOD, an army of people prepared for the LORD

  • To raise an army of GOD for the purpose of pulling down the strongholds and satanic structures that hinder the spread of the gospel of our LORD JESUS CHRIST

  • To engage in violent prayer evangelism until the heaven of our continents,nations,cities, villages and communities are opened for the outpouring of the grace and spirit of GOD for the salvation of the souls of men

To deal with the wicked altars and territorial strongholds through violent warfare prayers until their captives are released to the liberty in CHRIST JESUS

Pre-requisities for Membership

  • He/she must be genuinely born again
  • – He/she must have a calling for the ministries of prayer and inercession
  • – He/she must have passion for the lost souls
  • – He/she must be a man or woman of faith who believes that with GOD all things are possible according to HIS purpose and will
  • – He/she must have undergone Foundational Class at Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries and be baptised by immersion
  • – He/she must have been baptised by the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongue
  • – He/she must be a prayer and bible addict
  • – He must be ready to live holy and fasted life
  • – He/she must have the love of GOD in the heart

Benefits to Members

  • It builds up the spiritual life of members so that they can fulfil their ministries
  • – It empowers them for victorious living
  • – It empowers them to have dominion over the enemies
  • – It helps them to prepare for the second coming of the LORD and for their eternal home with GOD ALMIGHTY
  • – It gives them eternal joy in the heart when GOD uses them as instruments of honour for the salvation of others
  • – It grows love and unity amongst the brethren